Influencers & Talent

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Influencers & Talent market
continues to grow every second. The influencers & Talent Awards role is to place a spotlight on the very best skill and how these influencers & talent use their content & social media accounts to generate creative content & strong marketing tools.

Influencers & Talent

Benefits of Becoming a Nominee?

6 Months of publicity

6 Months of fame

privileges Card to enjoy free services

Marketers & Advertisers Recognition

Media Coverage from all over Africa & middle east

Special Digital Marketing campaign for each nominee

Join the first competing for talents & influencers in the Middle East & Africa

Build New Audience in a short time

All nominees will enjoy exclusive advantages and free services
with their privileges cards during the 6 months of the competition
such as "Fashion brands, famous restaurants, hotels, gyms,
beauty centers, cosmetics brands, and more."

Winners Prizes

Hosted By :

UNCOVER'20 Summit
Date : 28/3/2020

Venue :

The Greek Campus, Cairo , Egypt
Time : 5pm to 6:30 pm

Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), the 20 Hashtags

Awards will be rescheduled. Keep in touch to know our new date!

How to Join

1- Choose a platform
2- Pick awards
3- Nominate yourself
Note:- Each nominee can choose up to three awards categories “Platforms” and in two specific awards from each category
Strive to SUCCESS. Strive to WIN! Nominate to win

Voting Phases

Phase 1

2 Months Voting according to your personality.

Phase 2

2 Months Voting according to your content

Phase 3

2 Months Voting according to your engagement rate & Performance