11 ways to grow your Facebook group 3 times faster

The Facebook group is useless if it is not full of committed members who fit the target market.

11 ways to grow your Facebook group 3 times faster

I just created your first group on Facebook .. I expected people with similar ideas to flow into your group once you finalized it.

You have a beautiful cover photo, you set your group rules, and it looks beautiful. You did everything right.

But still, nothing.
There are many simple strategies for growing your Facebook group, and they are the strategies that will ensure that the target market will flow continuously on a daily basis.
Out of 2.13 billion people on Facebook as of December 31, 2017 - there are now over a billion people who have groups on Facebook.

This is largely due to the new features they have provided to Facebook group owners. In addition to the undeniable benefits you gain by having a group on Facebook.

Benefits of having a Facebook group:
It is the perfect place to build an active community of your exact target audience
You have to build connections with people like thinking about your place.
Facebook groups can turn into money making machines
Strategies that will help promote your Facebook group widely.

1- Add a link to your blog list

One of the easiest ways to attract a lot of right people to your Facebook group is by planting a link in the main navigation menu.

These people are probably your target audience because they have already read your blog. This makes them more likely to take the opportunity to join your Facebook group.

2- Put your Facebook group link in your email signature

The brilliant strategy of getting new members is to place the Facebook group link on your email signature. This way, every email you send will be an opportunity to gain a new member.

3- Share it on your YouTube channel

80% of internet traffic will be on video content by 2020.

Today, more than 500 million hours are consumed on YouTube - every day. This makes it an ideal platform to boost your growing Facebook group.

4- Send a group message on Facebook

It is imperative that you do not add aimless people to your group without their consent. It is an intrusive way to acquire new members that bother people before they have the opportunity to fall in love with your group.

You don't want everyone in your group anyway.

People who will wait for your content, sign up for free subscriptions, pay for your products or services, and become loyal fans of you.

If you want to increase your email list, gain blog traffic, and earn more money with your new group - it is wise to choose with whom to allow for your group.

How to send a group message?

Go to your Facebook Friends List to find people that will be appropriate for your group's purpose

Add all of these people to a new Facebook Messenger

Invite them to your Facebook group by telling them who the group is, what its purpose is, and why your group stands out.
It is the ideal alternative to add people without their permission. You'll start to see people asking to join your group and gain more traction slowly.

5-Drafting a Pinterest for your collection
With 175 million active users roaming Pinterest every month, this is the place to be for bloggers, marketers and business owners alike.

It only makes sense to go to this marketing force when trying to promote your Facebook group.

It is one of the fastest ways to watch content on the web, and it lasts longer than posting to Facebook or Twitter.

6- Put the link in a graphic form on Twitter
If you do not use Twitter to promote your content, products and services - you are greatly missing. The same applies to your Facebook group.

There are over 500 million tweets issued daily, which makes it difficult to make your content stay long enough to be seen.

The key to keeping an eye on a part of your Twitter content is to "pin" the top of your feed.
Create an engaging graphic, post it on Twitter, and then "Install" it so it's the first thing to see when someone finds your account.

7- On the sidebar of your site

Your website is a great place to advertise your new Facebook group. If you create a Facebook group that is consistent with your blog, you will have a really good start.

You will have the same target audience for both your blog and your Facebook group, so any fan of what you post on your blog will jump to join your new Facebook group.

8- Create an email or a welcome chain

One of the best strategies for getting your Facebook group in front of more eyes is to mention it to every new subscriber who will reach your email list.

When you carefully create a welcome message or a welcome chain for new subscribers, make sure to invite them to join your Facebook group.

Running emails have a 70.5% higher open rate than your traditional emails, and a click through rate of 152%.

Then, the chances of you seeing a large percentage of your email list reaching your Facebook group are staggeringly high if you choose a very popular chain of welcome email messages.

9- Connect your group to other Facebook groups
Most bloggers or business owners who use Facebook groups to increase their blogs traffic see a large percentage of their visits from these Facebook groups. It is powerful if you use it correctly.

Almost every Facebook group contains daily threading claims. It is a great way to engage your group members and keep them active.

Some of them allow you to post whatever kind of promotions you want on certain days.

10- Add it to the social media content table

Most Facebook group owners may post a stunning social media graphic for the first week of advertising their group - but then they slowly die.

And also the conversion rates for their Facebook group.

Here's what to do instead:

Set up the Esthetic Posts social media scheduler to promote your Facebook group on other social media platforms.

It is the tool that provides the ability to recycle social media posts that works best in here. This way, your Facebook group will be promoted.

Make it a regular part of your social media strategy and it will pay off a lot.

11- Take advantage of Facebook's life to enhance your group
There is no doubt that Facebook business pages are not as effective as they were before unless they bombed the dough. But it can still be useful in many ways - if you know how to use it.

Two main ways you can succeed with Facebook pages:

-Participate in Facebook ads to improve your reach

-Live video broadcasts