Gilead Sciences Inc. shares escalated as a result of the response to the Corona virus

Gilead Sciences Inc. shares escalated as a result of the response to the Corona virus

Gilead Sciences Inc. shares escalated as a result of the response to the Corona virus

Despite the crises in the global economy as a result of the consequences of the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the shares of the biopharmaceutical company "Gilead Sciences" continue to rise and grow. Since the beginning of 2020, Gillead Sciences’s shares have been rising by more than 14 per cent, and according to the World Health Organization, Gilead Sciences Inc. has become the first biopharmaceutical company to develop drug treatment to tackle the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19.”

Gilead Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on research, development and marketing of innovative drugs to improve care for patients with life-threatening diseases. The company is focused on finding treatments to tackle HIV, AIDS, liver disease, cardiovascular disease and acute respiratory disease, which includes the Corona virus.

The company has been known mainly to develop HIV treatment since 1990, when Antonin Holly worked with scientists Michael L. Ryordan and Eric de Klerk. The three were referred to as the "Holy Trinity".
Where Antonin Holly played an important role in the pharmaceutical industry for the treatment of HIV and hepatitis C.

Five years after its founding, Gilead Sciences entered the NASDAQ, where the company already cooperated with Mr. Holly, whose drugs were and still are among the drugs sold by the most successful and profitable Gilead Sciences.

The company's current success is the statement it obtained to use its experimental drug treatment against the Corona virus, as the United States of America allowed procedures to provide emergency treatment with unapproved drugs.

Gilead Sciences continues to develop an HIV treatment and is making progress in the application of the drug to enhance the immune function of patients, which leads to viral subsidence and reduces patient reactions in the absence of antiretroviral therapy.

Since the beginning of 2020, the company's shares have increased by more than 14 percent, due to obtaining a permit that enables them to develop drug treatment to tackle the "Covid-19" virus. However, like other companies, Gilead Sciences saw a decline due to the impact of the events. Current investment over in March, and, according to Alvo's analysis, Gilead Sciences is no exceptions in terms of current views that make investors prefer less risky asset types.

The main representatives of Gilead Sciences Inc. announced that HIV treatment remains the ultimate long-term goal of the research and development efforts of the biopharmaceutical company.