How to create an effective social media content strategy

Your target audience is not everyone can buy your product or service. They are your potential clients

How to create an effective social media content strategy

Not just posting new blogs or tweets every two weeks is doing something real to build a good marketing strategy. Retweeting may give you some interesting news in the field or an impression. But is the brand really built from this way?

You need an effective strategy and consistent implementation to do this. Let's explore 11 simple steps you can take now to develop and implement this type of plan.

1-  Adapting to changing the scene
Social media is constantly changing. What might have been successful a few years ago might flounder completely in the current social media scenes.

This means news and marketing content will be less visible in the feeds of your followers. Many companies have seen a decrease in traffic on social media.

2-Getting clear to your audience
Your target audience is not everyone can buy your product or service. They are your potential clients. They are the ones who are likely to continue returning. Keep buying more. Share your brand with others.

How do you know who are your target customers? The answer is data. Whenever possible, use real customer data to determine who your goal is.

Discover things like:
Basic demographics (gender, age, level of education, etc.)

What are their pain points?
What are their goals?
How do they buy?
What techniques do they use?
Where do they spend time on social media?
How do they talk to their peers?

Collecting this information will help you start seeing the patterns in your customer base. It may be invisible to you now if you are not trying to collect this type of information.

3-Participate continuously
People are constantly facing the media. It faces many competing messages. If they do not hear from you, they will forget you.
Now, this may simply seem to be related to frequency. Should you post every 17 minutes, day and night, as some recommend on Twitter
The base frequency must be maintained, and this varies with the basic system. But most importantly is when your posting. When you post at the same times of the day, and on the same day of the week, something happens:

People themselves will most likely see your posts again and again

People begin to expect your posts

Conveys a feeling of reliability and regularity

You seem more organized

You'll want to post when you get the most sharing. You may not know when it is at first. You can find studies and opinions on this topic. This gives you a starting point. But then you need to improve.

Set a clear posting schedule and don't wait until the last minute to create your desired content. Plan ahead. Then schedule your posts so that you always come out in time.

Finally, if you are just getting started, it is best to focus first on two to three social media platforms. This is because managing more than three social media accounts can interest you, define your target audience and check the social media platform they use most of the time. Then you can start from there.

4-Quality of the content
While consistency is important, quality is essential. Poor quality video can become viral content that negatively affects your company.
Put people and systems in place to provide stable, quality content. Set up quality control and analytics to review content performance in the background.
Inconsistency and lack of quality are among the main reasons why many social communication strategies fail to provide an investment return.

5-Use more videos
45% of people now watch at least an hour of social media videos every week.

82% of Twitter users say that videos are the main reason why they go there. 92% of people share videos with others.

Videos must be part of your social media content strategy.

51% of professional marketers say the video offers the highest return on investment for any social media content. Marketers who use video as part of their social media content strategy can increase their revenue 49% faster than those who do not. 64% of people buy something from a brand after watching their video.

6-Live videos
It's normal to be a little careful of the live video. But people like live TV. It's a real feeling. Makes brands look more vulnerable.
You get all the benefits of video plus the ability to interact with people in real time.
Prepare a direct question and answer and allow people to post questions on social media and answer them in real time, and transfer them into customer support.
7- Prioritize customer engagement
In order to gain customer participation, comments must be answered. If a person takes time to formulate a thoughtful comment, then there will be a more meaningful and personalized response. Show that you're listening. Then you will get more participation.

Answer questions / complaints immediately. Over 47% of complaints go through messages on social media. People expect companies to answer questions and complaints via social media immediately. If you do not review and respond to messages within at least 24 hours, you are not participating.

8- Competitions
Competitions are one of the best ways to engage people on social media. A well-designed contest can increase your website clarity ten times or more. It can lead to high quality of your company.
Ask potential customers or clients to create and share content about your brand.

9- Get interactive
The interactive content corresponds to all the first three reasons. Interactive content gives people an opportunity to actively share with others.

It's very easy to create competitions, polls and polls. People just don't like interacting. They love to see results and share them with others. You can also create blog content and videos about poll results.

There is a reason why we see so many personality tests, intelligence tests and interactive content.

10- Humanization of the trademark
70% of people feel that social media creates brand transparency.

Social Responsibility
As a business, you can either run from this. Or you can embrace it by:

You can share with your audience how you do your work, be more transparent, and be more humane
From the point of view of consumer psychology, it's hard for people to love working. But they can love actions that look like someone.

11- Paid campaigns on social media
Can you build a social media presence without any paid ads? Certainly yes you can. But it will take a lot of work. It will take months and years longer to build what you can do by investing my advertising on social media relatively small.

If you want to have a social media presence making a fundamental transformation, then you need a social guide. When people see others follow your brand and share it, they also want to verify it.

Paid social media advertising helps you get social media content in front of the right people, potential customers.