Signal attracts WhatsApp users

Signal attracts WhatsApp users

Signal attracts WhatsApp users

Signal recently started developing its services, threatening to compete with the WhatsApp application who its owner, Mark Zuckerberg.

The "Signal" chats application, which supports privacy with greater and safer capabilities, confirmed its willingness to compete with WhatsApp. Moxy Marlinsbaek, the creator of the application, announced that "Signal" will go through many developments after it has been strengthened to make encrypted communication easy, so that anyone can Use it.

Despite the popularity of WhatsApp, many users still want programs that provide them with more security and  privacy, which is provided by the "Signal" application.

Those interested in chats applications have asked a question about the ability of this application to compete with "WhatsApp", following the boom that the signal may cause during the coming period in its services, and the answer will be more clear after monitoring the size of the advantages and disadvantages of both applications:

 Security and privacy

- Application encryption
The In-App Encrypting feature allows its users to service the application's encryption itself; all messages can be encrypted well, before saving them inside the drive on the Android device, and a secret code that is used by users is used only.

- Encryption of metadata
The application also provides its users with a feature known as "Metadata Encryption", where it encrypts the metadata, which makes the content of the participating media secure and encrypted.
The intended metadata is: data storage such as image size, pixels, camera model..etc, while the “Signal” application provides complete security of the metadata, in addition to strong encryption and penetration difficulty.

- Encrypt backups
The application also provides a backup encryption service, through the "Backup's Encryption" feature, which makes messages more secure, as data thieves cannot access private messages.
“Signal” also provides full encryption of the messages saved inside the backup, in a way that ensures that no one sees your private messages.

Insecurity in WhatsApp
“WhatsApp” does not contain any of the previous features and services, where you will find that the backup copies of messages saved through the “WhatsApp” application are not encrypted at all, which means that hackers can access them, unlike “Signal”.

Everyone can access your messages
"WhatsApp" did not have the ability to encrypt messages saved on the device, which allows anyone to access your messages at once if they use your device.
With regard to metadata, WhatsApp does not implement encryption policies for metadata, which poses a great risk to data confidentiality.
Simply, the worst thing about the "WhatsApp" application is that it stores data out of place and becomes easily accessible, and becomes available to all applications.
Although WhatsApp cannot access conversations, pictures, and audio recordings,
However, it is able to know the identity of the speakers, and can access your address data, and synchronize your data with the parent company, "Facebook".
The "Signal" application is also run in the same way as "WhatsApp", where it is registered using the phone number to show you your registered friends in the application, and it also provides the user with the feature of automatic deletion of messages after specifying a certain number of minutes.