The head of "Catalyst" traditional work relationships do not build the future of youth

The head of "Catalyst" traditional work relationships do not build the future of youth

The head of

Entrepreneur Mohamed Waheed, Chairman of Catalyst Corporation and founder of the Quality E-Commerce Platform, stated that traditional business relationships are no longer the best way to build the future, and that young people should get out of that circle and search for alternative paths, such as the leading ideas and programs provided by Catalyst.

The founder of the first digital market for the Egyptian products trade added that the rapid movement of the growth of the digital economy, trade exchange and the digitization of services through innovative technical media creates an upward growth in the demand for all categories of goods and qualitative skills, as well as supports the ability to work and exceed time and space, in addition to facilitating Mechanisms for doing business, and upgrading income levels and the returns generated from these activities if they are traditionally practiced

The business pioneer, Mohamed Waheed, set an example of the world of independent employment and specific services with pay, saying that those activities that have emerged and developed globally during the past years, remained within small limits compared to the total trade and digital economic exchanges, but the pace of their growth accelerated during the recent period, with the increasing desire of companies In developing its business, and benefiting from different cadres from societies and cultures, as well as reducing the huge investments directed to launching work environments and ensuring their sustainability, continuing:
What happened in the telecommunications services and Call Center embodies that image, with some countries turning into huge global centers for these activities, and global media platforms recently addressed reports on the trend of major companies, including Twitter, to supply home offices for their team, while other companies have expanded in replacement On hiring full time workers, and replacing them with temporary workers, freelancers, and limited service providers for a fee. ”

The founder of Catalyst, which specializes in entrepreneurship and innovative solutions for trade and services, also pointed out that the company’s programs and plans work to develop business mechanisms and trade according to the capabilities and benefits of the digital economy, and also works primarily to develop awareness and market view to digital solutions for trade and employment, with the aim of motivating producers and service providers To expand and develop their activities and move across the company's platforms, whether the quality of services or additional projects that are launched every day, in addition to the prominent global platforms in those areas, in order to increase the labor force and Egypt's share of the market for trade and electronic services Intention, and works to increase the achievement of profits and profits from those businesses, as it is reflected in the indicators of production and consumption and the percentages of GDP growth.