Sticky Posts Guidelines

It's our pleasure that you are one of our users and want to add more value to your business by adding our branding materials as one of your trusted sources.

We will guide and help you to use our branding materials in a very professional way to reach your goals

Take a closer look of some importance point:-

  • If you want to use branding materials of sticky posts as a reference or announcement you must be a partner or a user
  • Sticky Posts is our branding name you must write the letter " S " from the sticky word and the letter "P " from the post word in capital letters
  • only when you will write our website URL you must write it in small letters
  • You can't use our logo and icon with any type of content doesn't match our guidelines & our community rules
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How to use it?

Follow the below specifications for the right usage!
Colors Specifications
  • Name
    Dark Forest
    22 34 33
  • Name
    light Forest
    255 255 255
Logo Spaces Guidelines:
You should use the logo with the below specific spaces to avoid any unprofessional usage.
Icon Spaces Guidelines:-
You should use the icon with the below specific spaces to avoid any unprofessional usage.

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